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You Will Fail. Here is Why.

I have a problem. It is something that I have worked against for years, and sometimes I win over it, but sometimes it kicks my ass. It is something we all face and I think about often on how to beat it.

Have you ever started a project or set a goal and at the start you are super excited about what you set out to do, then a month later found that you are not that excited about it anymore and you start to work on it less and less until finally it is just a failed project?

The hardest part for me over the past 15 years has been this exact problem. Even when I do finish project or accomplish a goal with my music or just life in general, there has always been times during the process where I just don’t have the energy or even think the idea is as good as it was in its inception.

This feeling is totally natural, but if you give in to these thoughts and not see the project through, you will fail. If you start another project and let these feelings get the best of you, you will fail again. If you continue to do this that nagging self talk will start and you will start to look at your career as a failure or you may think that your talents aren’t good enough to get the job done.

In these moments is when you need to push through. You have to push beyond all the doubts you have about the project or your talents and see it through to the end. The process is where success is found, if you keep working towards an end goal, every day you do so you are a success.

Now, you may not get the results you want, and that is fine. You can look at the process, what happened, make adjustments, and then build on what you have learned for your your next project, but if you quit, you don’t learn and grow.

This is where the true value lies, that real world experience of creating, learning what went right or wrong, and then building upon that.

Letting these feelings get the best of you will be the reason why you will fail. So, the only question is, are you going to let them win?