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Stop Lying to Yourself, You’re Not That Good

Humility seems to be a dying trait amongst people these days, think about it.

There are literally tens of millions of people who want to be the star. Tens of millions of people who want to write or produce that hit song or travel around the world shooting photos or videos. Tens of millions of people who want to start the next big company. The list can go on and on.

So what makes you so special? What makes me so special? Does anyone deserve success more than anyone else?

I toy with these ideas a lot, especially as I scroll social media and witness the ever growing egos and sense of entitlement people have around their perceived level of skill.

I started making music later in life. I would fiddle with the guitar here and there around age 12, but I didn’t really get into music until I was 17, and didn’t take it seriously until about 21. I knew I was behind the curve and had massive amounts of work to do to just catch up to those who had a ten year head start on me. I knew I had to work extra hard to gain the skills of those naturally more talented than me. I knew the road would be hard and it would take ungodly amounts of work and sacrifice to achieve what I set out to do. I had to humble myself.

Even to this day, I respect the craft and those who have come before me. I love to cook, but I would NEVER jump out the window and say that I am a chef and should start a restaurant because I can make a few decent meals at home. I know there is much more to the culinary arts than what I know and I respect that, just as I respect the art of music, filmmaking or photography.

My advice to anyone at any stage of their career would be to remember that you are not as good as you think, so stop lying to yourself. We can all improve, get better, and grow. Move with humility and integrity, it will take you much further.

On the flipside, you are not ever as bad as you think you are either…