Build a Creative Career

You Rather Stunt Online Than Actually Be Successful

I will preface this entire post by saying that the success, the idea of it, and what it means to everyone is totally different and subjective. In fact, I’ve spent over a year interviewing people on my podcast (listen here), and I have asked each one of them what success means to them, and each answer has been unique.

That being said, it appears that most of you would rather stunt and give off the appearance of success than defining what success means to you, and then actually achieving it.

The harsh reality is to actually be successful in a creative field is extremely difficult. We look at who are currently the stars (first mistake), and then try to do what they do (second mistake) and pretend that we are actually building something significant on social media without building the proper foundation (third mistake), then when things don’t go according to plan and actually gets hard, we become jaded and give up (fourth mistake).

When it comes down to it, most people aren’t willing to actually do the work it takes to build a career. They rather try what looks cool at the moment, stunting on social media like they are putting work in.

I am sure you’ve heard the phrase “It takes ten year to become an overnight success.” Well, for the vast majority of us that is the painful truth. If you aren’t willing to sacrifice for the life you want, you don’t deserve that life.

Whatever YOU decide is your idea of success, you will have to give some things up to get there. You will have to do the work, put in the time and move past the obstacles to build what you want to build, and when things aren’t going your way, you will have to double down and go push that much harder towards your goals.. These situations aren’t anything to brag about, they aren’t sexy, but they build character and a rock solid foundation on which your success will be built upon.

So I ask you, are you actually trying to build a career based of your idea of success, or are you just doing what is trendy because it is cool at the moment?